Letters Extra: Education, Inc.



Education is big business in this country and corporations and profiteers have their eye on it. Welcome to the new Core Curriculum Content Standards.

This is nothing more than an attempt for the federal government to control the education system and make it a “for-profit system” influenced by business and corporate partners. It’s not about the well-being of children and not about education. It’s about profits.

The Common Core has already created a huge national market for book publishers, technology companies, testing corporations and others. Districts will have to buy all of these materials.

Challenging students and enriching curriculum is always welcome, but that’s not what this is. The tests are rigorous, and not age appropriate. It sets up both children and teachers to fail. The way it is currently written demoralizes children. It’s bad for parents, bad for kids, and bad for teachers and school systems.

Schools are not testing factories and children are not a herd of cattle. Children’s educational future should not be determined by those who make the most money from it.

Gregory Young, Somers Point, gygregory@aol.com




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