Letters Extra: After gallantry, a desire for peace

Reenactment of Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg Sunday, July 7. MICHAEL BRYANT / Staff Photographer

My great-great grandfather Samuel G. Boone was a lieutenant in the 88th Pennsylvania Volunteers Regiment, captured at Gettysburg, and later escaped from a prison in Columbia, S.C..

Thirty years after the battle, he wrote, "Weary and tired of the clash of arms, I longed for retirement to the peaceful pursuits of life and the bosom of friends, hoping nevermore to be called upon to take up arms in defense of our glorious banner, under whose folds the oppressed of the earth may find refuge and protection so long as it is honored and respected."

His recollection was published in the book, History of the 88th Pennsylvania Volunteers in the War for the Union, 1861-1865 by John D. Vautier.

Also among my great-great grandfather's memorabilia is his handwritten account of being taken prisoner.

Barbara Binkley, Pottstown, fanny.1962@verizon.net

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