Letter: Flag down on co-ed gridiron play

Sometimes the old ways had meaning that, sadly, is being lost in our increasingly genderless world ("On further review, girl can play," March 15).

We used to teach boys to honor the strengths, and protect the inherent differences in girls. We raised men who shielded their wives and daughters from the particular harm that can come to a woman because of her physical and emotional differences - not because she was weak, but because she was differently made and wired.


Allowing a young girl into the rough and tumble battle mind-set of football only reinforces to boys that they do not need to take particular care of women, but are allowed to knock her down on a football field and be rewarded for it. Is this really what we want our boys to learn about life? Do we want husbands and life partners who have no sense of respect for a woman's physical and emotional differences? The archdiocese's decision is not a step forward at all.

 - Martha Hunter, Willow Grove