Judicial candidates rule on the issues in Pa. Primary


The Inquirer Editorial Board posed five questions to candidates running for judge in Philadelphia and on two statewide appellate courts. Following are the responses received from candidates. 

Voters can turn to a number of other online resources for more information about the judicial elections, including Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts, the Committee of Seventy, the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Philadelphia Bar Association.

On Monday, May 2, The Inquirer offered its recommendations in the judicial races.

Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania

Barbara Behrend Ernsberger (Resume)

Kathryn Boockvar (Resume)

Paul P. Panepinto (Resume)

Superior Court of Pennsylvania

Paula A. Patrick

Victor P. Stabile

David N. Wecht

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

Drew Aldinger

Diana Anhalt

Giovanni O. Campbell (Resume)

Jim Divergilis

Charles Ehrlich

Michael Fanning

Tom Fitzpatrick

Angelo J. Foglietta

Roger F. Gordon

Vince Guisini

Jonathan Q. Irvine

Vincent L. Johnson (Resume)

Sean Kennedy

Leon King (Resume)

Robert M. Kline (Resume)

Sayde Ladov (Resume)

Harry J. Levant

Christopher Mallios

Barbara A. McDermott

Maria McLaughlin (Resume)

Stephen J. Negro

Carolyn H. Nichols

Scott O'Keefe

Kenneth J. Powell Jr.

Ted Vigilante

Nycole Watson

Edward C. Wright

Philadelphia Municipal Court

Derrick W. Coker

Martin S. Coleman

Marvin Williams