Jailed Pukemon a good role model for other boorish fans

Clemmons, seen here on his best behavior.

Maybe the actual jail time given Friday to the infamous Pukemon - not just a scolding from the bench, along with  probation - will send a strong message to other boorish Philly sports fans.

The so-nicknamed Cherry Hill man who copped a plea to barfing intentionally on an off-duty police officer and his daughters during an April Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park will have at least 60 days behind bars to contemplate the error of his ways. He'll  also perform 50 hours of community service when he gets out. (The judge in the case suggested the ballpark restrooms could use a good cleaning.)

Whether Matthew Clemmens, 21, is prone to much contemplation isn't really a big concern. But the hope is that sports fans who can think clearly will realize it's no joke to run amok at the stadiums.

There's also a message here for Phils' management: Too often, fans' misbehavior can be linked pretty much directly to their ability to suck up as many expensive bottles of beer as possible. Booze in and around the stadiums will continue to be a problem as long as there are people who can't handle it - or until folks in charge find the intestinal fortitude to put reasonable limits on over-partying.