Iran must free other prisoners


Take a moment and send good wishes to Sarah Shourd and her family upon her release after more than a year of captivity in Iran. But just a moment, because there’s more work to do.
Still imprisoned are Shourd’s fiance, Shane Bauer, and Joshua Fattal, of Elkins Park. The two men and Shourd were arrested for spying by Iranian authorities after the hikers strayed into an unmarked border area on July 31, 2009. This week they were officially charged with espionage — charges the United States says are false.
Shourd was reportedly released on humanitarian grounds. Her mother has said Sarah has serious medical problems, including a breast lump. However, compassion costs. Iran demanded $500,000 bail — though the correct term is probably ransom. It wasn’t immediately clear who put up the money.
At the same time, the kidnappers and thugs who run Iran extended the “pretrial detention” of Bauer and Fattal by two months. That’s outrageous. These innocent young people and their families have endured enough. Free the hikers. Now.