Inquirer Letters Extra: Brew up better sales

Gov. Corbett's liquor privatization plan doesn't make fiscal sense. I accept that our public education system is underfunded and that $1 billion pledged from privatizaton would provide great relief. However, this plan is irresponsible because it only offers one lump sum - while the State Store system generates millions in revenue annually. It's also estimated that privatization will boost State Police enforcement spending.

That being said, the current State Store system does need to be fixed. By staying open later at night and opening more one-stop shops - such as smaller outlets inside grocery stores - the state can increase revenue as well as convenience. This type of modernization is all that the current system needs to satisfy Pennsylvanians.

What I suspect is that Corbett's plan wasn't made to help Pennsylvania. Rather, it's rooted in an overly conservative agenda that puts corporate needs over those of the more than 5,000 State Store employees who would lose their jobs if privatization goes ahead.

William McGee, Philadelphia,

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