How would you grade the mid-term Mayor Nutter?

In the wake of newspaper commentaries on Mayor Nutter at the two-year point - including The Inquirer's Sunday, Nov. 27th editorial - everyday Philadelphians might want to get into the act.

Well,  former City Controller candidate and tax-reform guru Brett Mandel is here to help.

Mandell this week put out a public challenge to grade Mayor Nutter at the two-year point. Mandel - who's nothing if not exhaustively detail-oriented - even came up with a scorecard of Nutter's promises. It's posted below and here.

As Mandel noted, "Not to sound like Willy Loman, but 'promises were made' when hizzoner was running for mayor and now that we are approaching the mid-point of his term, I am inclined to see how he did … especially in the areas (taxes, budget, ethics) where I have concentrated much of my advocacy efforts. I attach a chart I made shortly after the end of the campaign that quotes Nutter 2007 campaign documents (each one is a direct, sourced quotation) and leaves room for you to add a grade and any comments. I would love to have any — completely confidential — feedback you might feel like adding as input to the grades you believe the Mayor deserves."

Mandel invites the thousands of people on his e-mail list to send him their scorecards. 

He says his own grades for Nutter will follow a standard he learned from an old professor. "My speech professor (may he rest in peace), would preface his discussion on grades by declaring that a C is average, a B is good, and an A is excellent. If John F. Kennedy were in my class,” he told us. “He would earn a ‘B;’ Martin Luther King, a ‘B+’” — I think that is a fine metric to follow…credit only where credit is truly due."

 So, go ahead ... fill Mandel's inbox with your grades for the mayor.