Health-care lawsuit not political for Corbett?

After circulating this fund-raising letter in his gubernatorial bid, it's going to be harder for Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett to claim his lawsuit to stop Obamacare isn't political.

There's talk of "tax-and-spend liberals" and the threatened "demise of Pennsylvania's first-rate, private-sector-driving, health care system" - even though there's no public option in Obamacare and budget watchdogs say it will reduce the federal deficit over time.

House Appropriations chair Dwight Evans (D., Phila.), who has called on Corbett to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on the ill-advised health-care challenge, circulated the fund-raising letter as annotated. He sure thinks Corbett is playing politics with his powers as attorney general, and that's how it looks to the Inquirer editorial board.