Gov. Rendell and Dr. Snow


Political insiders were buzzing last week about a Philadelphia magazine story that discussed rumors circulating around Gov. Rendell and a pretty blonde that he has been seen hanging out with in Harrisburg and Philadelphia.

Rendell and Kirstin Snow, chief of Commonwealth Media Services, both deny they are having an affair.

Rendell then blamed the media for stirring such rumors. Daily News columnist John Baer weighed in with a piece yesterday that said the person to blame for fueling the rumor mill was Rendell.

Baer pointed that Rendell has paraded around with other women over the years. He also detailed that Rendell's current lady friend, who the governor introduces as Dr. Snow, has a doctorate in business administration from a "distance learning" program through Southwest University, in Kenner, La.

In other words, it's not in the Ivy League. Even still, the vanity license plate on her car is: DRSNOW.