Goode should give back raise, too

 Philadelphia City Council often gets criticized for being out of touch with voters. It’s easy to see why, given their love for the DROP pension perk, free city cars, and summer recess, to name a few examples.

But kudos to the 16 Council members who did the right thing in giving back their 5 percent raises. The city is facing a budget crisis, and Mayor Nutter isn’t offering raises to union workers, so it’s only fair that Council share the pain.
Too bad Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr. didn’t get the memo. Goode is keeping his raise, and instead paying his property taxes early for the next few years.
Goode says he earlier took a 5 percent payroll deduction for six months. He argues that by paying his taxes in advance he, too, is giving money back to the city. Huh?
Such convoluted logic could also be known as a “Reverse Wimpy,” in honor of the Popeye character who offered to “gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”