Get acquainted with the Family Court case

Philadelphia politics can get pretty complicated, and that's especially so in the Family Court controversy. Trying to understand the layers of possible double-dealing and breaches of ethics involved in building a new courthouse could bring on a migraine.

Fortunately, the Committee of Seventy has come to the rescue with its new question-and-answer guide, “In The Know: Disorder in the Court.” This fact sheet offers a straightforward, concise play-by-play of what’s happened in the case thus far, and explains the multiple inconsistencies in the way it’s been handled by state Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille.
The guide shows city residents why the case is such a big deal, why a new court building is essential, and how many of their tax dollars are at stake.
Taxpayers should understand how their money is being used or misused, and why the judiciary’s actions in this episode appear questionable at best. The Committee of Seventy’s new manual is an excellent resource for Philadelphians who want to understand a conflict that involves their justice system and their money.