File the report

State Sen. Anthony Williams set a record by getting three individuals to each contribute more than $1 million to his failed bid in this year’s Democratic primary for governor.

The extraordinary largesse raised eyebrows, even for a state with no campaign giving limits and a governor who has raised millions over the years from firms and individuals who have profited off government contracts. The three Williams donors have refused to speak about their motives, but were said to support his stance on school choice, and in particular vouchers.

Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams. Donors liked his school policy.

In the end, the three men — Joel Greenberg ($2.07 million), Jeffrey Yass ($1.86 million), and Arthur Dantchik ($1.45 million) from Susquehanna International Group in Bala Cynwyd — wasted a lot of money on a long shot.
But another troubling part of Williams’ campaign has received too little attention. That has to do with Williams’ failure to file his campaign-finance report on time.

The deadline was June 17. Given that Williams’ campaign was essentially financed by three super-rich guys, it shouldn’t take too long to fill out the report. Williams, like many candidates in past races, just flouts the law.
Some may view the failure to meet the deadline to file a campaign-finance report as a minor transgression. But it is a telling detail regarding a candidate’s ability to balance the management of big and small matters. Not to mention that it is an indication of a candidate’s ability to meet deadlines, and, most important, to respect and follow the law.