Dude, have I got a stock tip for you


Anyone who ever followed Lenny Dykstra's baseball career had to wonder how he could have morphed into an expert stock picker after his playing days.

Dykstra was a hustler on the field, but he didn't seem like a Wall Street wiz who knew how to sift through earnings statements, looking for undervalued stocks or companies with explosive growth opportunities. If anything, it seemed like his money was tied up in fast cars and chewing tobacco. Although the Dude, as Dykstra was known, did have a car wash business going fora while in California. 

But Dykstra's financial fortunes have since gone south in a big way. He filed for bankruptcy and had to sell his Californa mansion and his World Series ring. A magazine he started that offered financial advice for athletes imploded. Now a new book alleges Dykstra took money in return for hyping stocks. The Daily News details the story in the Tuesday edition. You can read all about it right here