Christie family time at taxpayers' expense

In a May 31, 2011 photo, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (right) arrives in Montvale, NJ via state police helicopter where he later watched his son play in the the St. Joseph vs. Delbarton baseball game Tuesday afternoon, in Montvale, N.J. (Photo courtesy Christopher Costa /

What a great dad, that Gov. Christie.

He's got an entire state to run, yet he still made his son's baseball game on Tuesday.

Of course, the state police helicopter was a big help.

As the Newark Star-Ledger reported, the governor and his wife, Mary Pat, choppered to an adjacent field in Montvale where Delbarton High School was playing against St. Joseph's of Montvale. Christie's eldest son, Andrew, catches for Delbarton. 

Christie couldn't stay for the whole game, but the teams paused long enough for the helicopter to lift off. 

A governor's spokesman was quoted as saying that the governor makes occasional use of the chopper, but that he had been careful to limit it. Wonder how many New Jersey taxpayers facing higher property taxes or cuts in services due to the state's dire budget situation would agree?

The Delbarton team must have appreciated the governor's spendi ng a little flight time at the ballpark, though. It won the game.