Changing light bulbs at City Hall

Councilman Bill Green

This exchange occurred moments ago during the live chat on by Bill Green, city councilman at-large.

Comment From "Stu": How many members of the mayor's administration does it take to change a light bulb?

Bill Green: By my count, it would take 43:

  • One to write a speech on how changing the bulb will usher in a new day of transparency and openness;
  • One to write a press release about the mayor’s bold action on light bulbs and why Council should give up its own light bulbs;
  • 39 to watch in awe in the mayor’s reception room as the mayor changes the light bulb -- 10 of whom will be personally thanked for their selfless hard work on the light-bulb issue;
  • One to write a press release announcing the light bulb has been changed;
  • And one to tell the press why the mayor wouldn’t need to change light bulbs at all if Council would just eliminate DROP.


Green told the same joke last week at Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky's 21st annual Candidates Comedy Night, which benefits the Delaware Valley Chapter of Variety.

Now, let's see how many members of the mayor's administration it takes to respond.