Cease-fire in 'Parking Wars'?

There's no telling how much the city's image has suffered from the A&E show "Parking Wars," which documents the zealous enforcement efforts of the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

But Meryl Levitz, president and CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Tourism & Marketing Corp., said the show's producers are considering how to make amends to the city.

"They had not understood the ramifications of the show, and they'd like to work with us," Levitz told the Editorial Board this week.

Tourism officials contend "Parking Wars" has discouraged people from visiting Philadelphia. Levitz said the options under consideration include airing free advertisements on A&E that would promote the city's better side. (Not the side that drives around in a PPA vehicle while completing an entry form for the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.)

Levitz said an Inquirer editorial and a Tony Auth cartoon were a "huge help" in getting the producers' attention.

The third season of "Parking Wars" begins airing in September. Apparently there are no plans to give the show "the boot."

 UPDATE: City and Parking Authority delay downtown meter increase.