Another vote for a castle-doctrine veto by Rendell

 Say What? called for it on Tuesday. Now Daily News columnist John Baer has weighed in on the subject with his recommendation that Gov. Rendell veto an expansion of gun owners' rights to shoot to kill.

The legislation just given final approval by the state House would permit gun owners to shoot someone outside their home or while in their car if he felt threatened. That right currently exists only within a gun owner's home.

On the proposal, Baer has this to say, in part:

It's about nothing but political pandering to the National Rifle Association in a rural state where gun control has always meant using both hands. And it's not even a gun-rights issue. It's a solution looking for a problem: Castle Doctrine, the right to defend one's home (castle) with deadly force already exists.

For Rendell, who has promoted gun safety measures without success as governor, the next move is clear: a veto.