A president calls: Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof ...

Presidential call to Eagles owner Lurie

Proving that even Gov. Rendell can be upstaged on an Eagles matter, the fall-out continued Wednesday from President Obama's call to Jeffrey Lurie in support of the Eagles giving Michael Vick a second chance.

The president actually had a point, whereas Rendell's insistence that postponing Sunday's game amid a killer snowstorm was just silly, talk-radio posturing. (Keep in mind: this is an end-of-term governor angling for a TV talk show.)

But snow melts and the president's critics are here to stay, it seems. That explains why the call to Lurie became fodder for a Fox News tool (or fool), who said Vick should have paid the ultimate price for cruelly abusing our four-legged friends in dog fights. (See video.)

More interesting - and instructive - was the column by former White House aide Tevi Troy in which he opined that presidents should stay away from football, period.

Remarking that "presidents have made enough mistakes on football to populate an entire blooper bowl," Troy recalled Calvin Coolidge's bizarre greeting to the great Red Grange upon a visit to the White House.

"Nice to meet you, young man," said Coolidge. "I've always enjoyed animal acts."

Eagles fans seem to have forgiven Vick for his criminal animal acts - for which, indeed, the quarterback served his time in prison. The president took the right stance ... even if he probably had more important things to do.