Cities fighting crime could use more help

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The U.S. Justice Department’s surge of 50 agents, who have been working with Philadelphia police and the District Attorney’s Office... Read more

Give green light to park smoking ban

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Vacationers looking to dip their toes in the water at state parks in Pennsylvania should welcome a pilot project that bans smoking at park... Read more

New Jersey likes kids, but can do better

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That New Jersey ranks highly as a good place to raise children isn’t surprising. After all, its residents are among the wealthiest per... Read more

The Betrayal of the American Dream: Chat with Don Barlett and Jim Steele

Pulitzer Prize-winning authors Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele will discuss their new book, The Betrayal of the American Dream. Read more

Can’t abandon health reform

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Two new reports provide striking evidence that President Obama’s health-care overhaul will keep countless Americans healthier, cut the... Read more

'Have a nice day,' and a parking ticket

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In a city that relies heavily on tourism and at least aspires to show the brotherly love it’s named for once in a while, discouraging... Read more

Court needs to toss Pa.'s bad voter-ID law

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Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court should throw out the state’s specious voter-ID law, or at least issue an injunction that recognizes... Read more

Overseas, Romney still isn’t saying much

Americans should listen closely to what Mitt Romney has to say about foreign policy as he completes his six-day tour of England, Poland, and... Read more