Letters Extra: Tips and the minimum wage

Sens. Daylin Leach and Mike Stack introduced legislation that would raise the minimum wage to $12 per hour and eliminate the tipped wage.... Read more

Letters Extra: Ethical behavior must be inculcated

There are many calls for Pennsylvania to enact tougher ethics laws. The purpose of these laws is presumably to prevent elected officials from... Read more

Schools shouldn't have to beg

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There’s a danger that Philadelphians asked again and again to dig into their pockets to personally help the city’s destitute schools... Read more

Letters Extra: Proscutorial face-off goes to Williams

If you are to believe Ed Rendell’s version of the facts and explanation as to why Kathleen Kane’s decision to drop possible bribery... Read more

Letters Extra: No words to describe it

So now Gov. Christie — and I’m no fan — is in trouble for using the term occupied territories for the West Bank, as opposed... Read more

Letters Extra: PUC must fight for power users

The state Public Utility Commission is facing unprecedented customer backlash and facing calls for action from legislators and consumers alike... Read more

Editorial Extra: Putin's economy is vulnerable

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All the Putin envy hawkish Americans have been expressing since the takeover of Crimea seems silly now that the Russian economy’s vulnerability... Read more

Letters Extra: Murals promoting quality of life

The Pennsylvania Prison Society has had the good fortune to work with the Mural Arts Program over the years. We have combined talents and... Read more