Letters Extra: Adding by subtracting

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Philadelphia Eagles’ management is to be applauded for its decision for a second time in a decade to release one of its showcase players... Read more

Letters Extra: Thinking of Ed Sozanski

It is not hard to see why Philadelphia has become One of our Nation's premier Art incubators. Many visual and performing Artists across all... Read more

Letters Extra: Clear casino smoke

I am delighted that State Sen. Stewart Greenleaf (R., Montgomery) and State Rep. Mario Scavello (R., Monroe) have proposed eliminating the... Read more

Letters Extra: Cultural partner with murals

In 2013 the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance launched GroundSwell, a grassroots movement to make our region a better place for kids to... Read more

Letters Extra: Shaping a life-long learner

As a child, growing up in a modest home in Northeast Philadelphia, my parents taught me the importance of education, the value of hard work... Read more

Letters Extra: Hundreds bring books to thousands

Many of us were privileged to be part of a historic effort at Burlington County College to distribute 40,000 new books to children in need... Read more

Letters Extra: No shoppers' special on power

Pennsylvania's electricity choice initiative is another example of political influence. There was never a real reason for it, just a way for... Read more

Letters Extra: Training to listen to women's concerns

As a clinical sexologist I get to hear many complaints regarding vaginal pain ("Female trouble: 50 plus," March 30). My experience is that... Read more