Say What? Archive: December, 2010

Career diplomat Holbrooke leaves void

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Longtime U.S. diplomat Richard C. Holbrooke was a towering figure in foreign policy whose skill in resolving conflicts will be missed acutely... Read more

A tax-cut deal by another name

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Sen. Bob Menendez (D., N.J.) has found a way to avoid the painful reality of voting for tax cuts for wealthy Americans. He's calling it something... Read more

Drug dealers have few job options

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Many government officials are finally admitting the war on drugs is a costly failure. That lesson is on display daily in North Philadelphia... Read more

Teachers must overcome bad parenting

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A new poll that shows most adults blame bad parenting for the poor state of education in this country doesn’t diminish the role that... Read more

Time for 'daddy' taxpayers to take the T-bird away

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What would elected office in Pennsylvania be without the trappings of power? Take judges, for instance. In addition to being able to accept... Read more

Chat: Dick Polman on opposing the death penalty

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Food safety: still at risk

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Looking back at this age of the killer omelet, future historians may puzzle over Congress’ long-standing inability to pass a food-safety... Read more

Gov. Christie and bad teachers

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One way to improve public education is to speed up the process to remove bad teachers from the classroom. Getting rid of bad apples has become... Read more