Former judge needed to be disbarred

Former Superior Court Judge Michael T. Joyce has been disbarred, retroactive to 2009. But who would you ever want him as an attorney anyway?

Joyce thought he could get away with faking an injury to defraud insurance companies of $440,000 while still scuba diving and golfing in Florida and Jamaica, and piloting a plane he bought, with the insurance money. He also bought a Harley-Davidson, a hot tub, and spent $6,000 on cosmetic surgery for his girlfriend.

Michael T. Joyce

Joyce was convicted in November 2008 on eight felony counts and given a 46-month federal prison sentence. But he had the audacity to file a lawsuit against the insurance companies for their “nefarious” scheming to ruin his career. The ridiculous lawsuit was dismissed.

Despite all of this, Joyce had appealed to keep his law license, arguing that, "I do not feel to this day, that I did anything wrong.” Talk about losing touch with reality.