Why is Pa. Convention Center seeking private manager?

The main problem keeping more big shows from the Pennsylvania Convention Center is that too many customers don't feel they are getting value for all they pay under its current labor arrangements, consultant Public Financial Management Inc. wrote in a recent report to the center's board, echoing earlier reports.

But if labor is the issue, why is the center's board recruiting private firms to replace its management? Which is beating its revenue targets, and spending below its cost targets? 

Is Gov. Corbett desperate for a "privatization' victory as his liquor and lottery schemes founder? Or is this a result of Comcast's arena-management arm (and its corporate rival, SMG) throwing its political weight around? Or what? Read more in my column in today's Philadelphia Inquirer here.




Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/business/columnists/20130410_PhillyDeals__Why_is_the_Convention_Center_a_privatization_target_.html#ixzz2Q446skoR

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