Where's Walgreens?

Outside the Center City Borders store Jan. 11, 2011. ( Tom Gralish / Staff Photographer ) EDITORS NOTE: BOOKS09dTG 120504 Fri 1/7/2011 Location: Borders, Center City, broad and chestnut Story: BOOKS09 / What a long way down for the once too-cool-for-school bookstore behemoth, Borders. They halted payments to publishers this week, that's how badly they're doing. When your business model goes south, if you don't act fast and smart, this is how it goes. Reporter: Maria Panaritis

Whatever happened to the sushi-serving high-end Walgreens chain drugstore that was supposed to take over the closed Border's on the northeast corner of Broad and Chestnut? 

The permits from last June and September are still pasted to the door -- but old bookshelves still crowd the floor, and work hasn't started, seven months after Walgreens confirmed they're in and secured key permits.

Built or not, "they start paying rent May 1," says Larry Steinberg of Fameco Realty, who swung the deal. "They move slowly."