Wharton picks Australian as new dean

Australian Professor Geoffrey Garrett will be the new dean of the Wharton School of Business at Penn. (Photo from sydney.edu.au)

The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton business school has picked political-economist Geoffrey Garrett, head of the Australian School of Buiness at the University of New South Wales (and a former Wharton management teacher), as its new dean, effective July 1, replacing Tom Robertson, who had served since 2007. Wharton statement here. Highlights:

Penn president Amy Gutmann cited Garrett's "unique experience in international business and business education" including his stint at UNSW, where the business school Garrett run employs 357 scholars teaching 12,000 students. Wharton has 5,000 undergrad and grad students, not counting continuing-ed programs. According to Gutmann's statement, Garrett believes in teaching "lessons learned from rigorous methodologically sophisticated research." 

In his brief statement, Garrett said that "globalization and technological change are poised to transform business education. I have no doubt Wharton will be in the vanguard of this transformation" here and in other countries.

Garrett also headed the University of Sydney business school and founded the United States Centre at U of S. He previously taught at USC, was vice provost and dean at UCLA's International Institute, ran the Leitner economics program at Yale, and taught at Oxford and Sanford as well as Wharton. He was a trustee of the Asia Foundation, among other groups. He's written three books and 45 scholarly articles; his journal boards include International Organization, World Politics, Global Policy. He holds an undergrad honors degree at Australian National University and a doctorate from Duke.