Welch: Why I gave Sestak money, then ran against him

It's a case of political buyers' remorse,  former Mitos Group ceo Steven Welch wrote me in a note, explaining (since I asked) why he's running as a Republican for the House seat currently held by US Rep Joe Sestak, D-Pa-7th, after helping fund Sestak's first campaign three years ago.

Or maybe he's just against whoever's in power: In 2006 Welch blamed the GOP for Bush-era incompetence; now he's holding Sestak personally responsible for the slow economy, since Democrats took over last year. Excerpts:

"When the 2006 elections approached, I was one upset Republican.  Congress was spending more and more, and getting less and less actually done. Hurricane Katrina had demonstrated that while the government had grown larger, it had also become less competent.  I watched as the Republican leadership spoke of a limited and responsible government and personal freedom, but practiced something much different.

"Then one day I got a call from someone who had a pretty good story to sell.  Joe Sestak actually came to my house, sat in my kitchen with my wife and me, and spoke about making government live within its means and balancing budgets.  He touted how he would be an independent voice.  He was selling exactly what a frustrated voter wanted to hear, and I made the mistake of believing him. Not only did I vote for Joe, but in fact for the first time in my life I even gave a politician a check for $300.

"That was almost 3 years ago.  So what has Joe done in those 3 years?" Welch now blames Rep. Sestak, and Democrats generally, for unemployment, bailouts and deficit. "Joe has voted with Nancy Pelosi a whopping 98% of the time.  How’s that for independence? So, Joe I would like my money back..." 

Or maybe he just decided, heck, if that guy can be in Congress, I can too!  (Revised)