Ketchup billionaire: Warren Buffett, BK owner in Heinz takeover

Insurance-investments-railroad billionaire Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital, a New York firm whose past ventures include an attempted Burger King turnaround, have agreed to buy Pittsburgh-based ketchup-maker and condiment giant H.J. Heinz & Co., one of Pennsylvania's iconic companies.

Price: $72.50/share, an alltime high for the stock, vs. recent trading price around $60. Works out to around $23 billion, plus close to $5 billion in debt. Short Heinz statement here, nothing about consolidation, closing or expansion plans yet. Wall St. Journal story here.

Major owners who stand to benefit from the sale include the Blackrock and Vanguard investment funds. Heinz chief executive William R. Johnson controls shares worth around $100 million at the sale price.