VP Biden's bro joins S. Jersey 'low cost' homebuilder

James B. Biden was 22 when he ran his brother Joe's first successful US Senate campaign in Delaware. The younger Biden's new employer, Hill International of Marlton, says he parlayed his fundraising skills into a 30 year career "in business, real estate, politics and marketing," including his hedge fund firm, Paradigm Global Advisors LLC (where the VP's son Hunter was also a partner), and now into a job as Executive Vice President of Hill's HillStone International LLC unit.

HillStone says it builds "low-cost yet high-durability housing," of steel mesh and reinforced concrete, in the US and foreign parts "where housing solutions are a high priority of various governmental and private interests." Hill International is a publicly-traded, multinational construction project management firm run by the father-son team of Irv and David Richter.