UPDATE: What will Buffett say with his stock down 40%?

"Berkshire shareholders aren’t used to a 40 percent decline," Morningstar analyst Bill Bergman tells Bloomberg LP here

Some 37,000 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders are expected in Omaha this weekend for the company's annual meeting.  This may not be the happy party past Berkshire meetings have been. The stock is down from $147 last September, to $90 today (low was $70 on 5 March).

So Berkshire head Warren Buffett and vice chair Charles Munger have induced three journalists - from CNBC, Fortune and the New York Times - to screen investors' questions, instead of the usual open Q&A. Maybe they'll actually talk about Berkshire's real business -- insurance and financial deals -- instead of baseball, movie stars and the usual Berkshire public-meeting ramble.

UPDATE: Jeff Matthews, author of a Buffett book, asked readers for questions and forwarded them to NYT's Andrew Ross Sorkin in hopes he'll pick a couple to grill Buffett. Read them here.