'Tell employees the company is watching everything'

Forensic accounting firm Intelysis Corp., Haddonfield, has put together a checklist of how bosses can scare workers into Doing the Right Thing on company computers. Highlights:

"Tell employees the company is watching everything they do on their company issued computers. The deterrent effect is worth it, even if you aren’t that vigilant." (At least until they figure out you're not really paying attention.) 

"Install Internet monitoring software at the company server level and keep track of the activity, then present it at the employee’s annual review." (Gotcha!)

"Upon the departure of a key employee, forensically image his or her computer immediately." (For future "litigation", Intelysis says: This could come in handy if the ex-key employee exaggerates a bit when suing you for wrongful discharge.)

"Employees are increasingly absconding with company data and abusing the IT resources provided to them,” sums up Jeffrey Brenner, the lawyer and licensed private investigator who heads operations for Intelysis.

His solution: Better spying, of course.