Computer glitch at TD Bank

Some TD Bank customers have complained to my consumer-writer colleague Jeff Gelles that they haven't been able to read their account balances in real time since last week, when the company was supposed to finish converting systems between TD and its local predecessor, the former Commerce Bank of Cherry Hill.

TD came clean right away: "This started over the weekend," spokeswoman Rebecca Acevedo told me. "They're seeing what their balances were as of the previous evening." Like an earlier computer era, when companies batched, transactions and they showed up in your account next day. "But people can tranact normally. They can buy a cup of coffee. They can withdraw funds." 

How long will this last? "We're working on it now. We hope to have it under control in the next few hours." How many of TD's 6.5 million customers are affected? "Not all of them. My account is fine."