'Survivor Comcast'

"His lord and master Comcast EVP and NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke happened to be in town early this week. So Jay Leno made the most of it," writes Nikki Finke here at Deadline Hollywood.

"For two nights in a row the late night host opened his Burbank monologue by slapping Comcast for ordering layoffs and pay cuts on The Tonight Show -- 'or, as we call it, Survivor Comcast,'  Leno said on Tuesday’s broadcast."

He added that ”NBC now stands for Nothing But Cutbacks.” Finke writes that "Leno also came out swinging on Monday’s show saying, 'Comcast calls us The Expendables… We’ve consistently been #1 in the ratings and, if you know anything about our network, that kind of thing is frowned upon.'”

Of course, Finke adds, "these are the same jokes Leno used to tell about his GE bosses. Then again, Jay is prone to whining on air."

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