Thursday, May 28, 2015

Russia steelmaker opens $17M Delaware River 'baghouse'

To slow poisonous particle smoke from Evraz' Claymont plant

Russia steelmaker opens $17M Delaware River 'baghouse'

Russia-based Evraz Steel yesterday opened a $16.75 million "baghouse" designed to reduce air pollution by sucking particles from emissions from the former Claymont Steel electric furnace complex and scrapyard on US 13 just south of the Pennsylvania state line. Evraz bought the plant in 2008.

As with the DuPont Edge Moor titanium-dioxide factory and the PBF Energy oil refinery in Delaware City, both located further south along the river in New Castle County, the plant now owned by Evraz has a long record of pollution violations, but Delaware Gov. Jack Markell's administration, like his predecessors', has been working with operators in hopes of keeping industrial workers employed.

More in a statement by Delaware's state government here.

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