Romney law firm backer second-guessing

Writes John J. Soroko, chairman of Philadelphia-based corporate law firm Duane Morris LLP:

"Well, I voted! I was Number 31 on my machine at St Paul's Episcopal Church in Chestnut Hill. No campaign workers from either party outside, which is always a little disappointing to me.  I enjoy talking to them. There was a Romney lawn sign."

Sarcastic reference to PA voter ID law: "Yes, I was asked for ID. Geez, I hate to have my constitutional rights violated like that. It was so degrading! :-) "

What might have been: "In the end Romney did a pretty decent job. But there were also months where the campaign seemed like a cruise to nowhere..."

Obama's poll edge exaggerated? "In 2008, Obama's actual performance at the polls trailed his performance in the last Real Clear Politics average of polls by 1.6 points. If you take 1.6 points off Obama across key states today then, as Buddy Ryan first introduced himself to Eagles fans many years ago, 'You got a winner [in Romney]!'"

No middle ground: "I'm not the first person to say this, but I think it will either be Obama in a squeaker or Romney by a surprising margin.

"If, sadly, it's the former... I'll have the thought, at least for a few months (if not years!),  "Why didn't [Romney] do more with Libya in the final debate?" There are some fairly complicated answers to that last question. Hope it will become a moot point!"

For what it's worth: I disagreed with Soroko (on that last point, at least). Once you get past the central issue of the U.S. economy and what to do about it, fast-moving events in China (and between China and Japan and other neighbors) threaten to drag the U.S. into a shooting war that may dwarf the mess in Libya very soon, and it's a failure of our system that neither campaign has been called on to say much about it. Read the London Telegraph on China's leadership struggle here.