President: Christie vs Biden - or Markell?

Down at the Washington Post, Chris Cillizza's The Fix has laid out a fanciful "Sweet 16" brackets of Republican and Democratic Party hopefuls for the 2016 Presidential election, including a surprising lot of locals.

Under #1 seeds ex-Secretary of State (and U.S. Sen. and First Lady) Hillary Clinton (D) and Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R) we find... two local #2 seeds: Delaware's own U.S. V.P. Joe Biden for the Ds,  and NJ Gov. Chris Christie for the Rs. 

Further down the bench thins out quick. See for instance Gov. Jack Markell (D-14) and ex-Pa. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-12). (Serving Pennsylvania politicians, by contrast, are out of the running.) Thanks to Markell's past spokesman Brian Selander, now laboring at building a "pro-sports-community" with TheWhistle, for pointing out his ex-boss's name in lights, in this political dreaming season.