Post Office may shut Wayne, Bellmawr, N. Castle centers

The US Postal Service has listed its mail sorting centers in Wayne (Southeastern), Pa.; Bellmawr, NJ; and New Castle, Del., among more than 200 "to be studied" for possible closings that could idle hundreds of workers. The service is consolidating its national network in response to a decline in first-class mail and government restrictions on how much it charges and what services it can provide. List of processing centers that may close, here.

Earlier list of post offices that may close, here.

The New Castle center used to handle a big chunk of US credit card solicitations, back when credit card banks were a fast-growing industry. It's also right around the corner from a big "pick and pack" warehouse, the kind of private sector competition the Post Office faces for its most lucrative services, while also fulfilling its mandate to serve hard-to-reach patrons at standard prices.