Philly's Vague invests marketing fortune in US policy

Consumer marketing ace and Rittenhouse Square-area resident Richard W. Vague, who with his minority partners collected $190 million for last year's sale of his West Philly-based Energy Plus Holdings to NRG Energy Inc., plus previous fortunes as boss of what are now the Chase and Barclaycard credit card empires, has plowed profits into a couple of local projects: Gabriel Investments, the angel fund that backs TicketLeap and Careerminds; and the Governor's Woods Foundation, which funds Vague's educational work - including his longtime opposition to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and a March 14 "Economic Summit" in Washington DC that includes a real Who's Who of speakers:

- Paul Volcker, ex-head of the Federal Reserve
- Peter Schiff, boss at Euro Pacific Capital, adviser to Rep. Ron Paul, and a stern Fed critic
- Lawrence Summers, ex-Treasury Secretary and Obama adviser
- Robert Rubin, ex-Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs and Citigroup officer
- Annette Nazareth, corporate lawyer and ex-SEC commissioner
- Sheila Bair, ex-FDIC chief, now senior adviser to Pew Charitable Trusts
- Allan H. Meltzer, historian who's focused on the Fed, professor at Carnegie Mellon
- Laura D'Andrea Tyson and Gene Sperling, aides to Clinton and Obama
- Yves Smith, publisher, Naked Capitalism
- Paul McCulley, ex-boss at PIMCO investments, now at Global Interdependence Center
- Peter Hooper, Deutsche Bank
- Craig Alexander, TD Bank
- Thomas Palley, AFL/CIO
- Ed Rendell, ex-PA Governor

And others

Moderated by Vague and by James Clemons, editor of The Atlantic magazine