Philly developers help build Comcast apps

App developers and marketers at Comcast facilities in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Denver and Illinois helped put together the Business VoiceEdge cloud-based apps the company has begun extended to small and midsized businesses whose workers use iPhone and Android smartphones through private branch exchanges (PBX). 

The new Android and iPhone apps, which Comcast Business is selling in 39 states and 20 major metro areas where Comcast operates fiber and cable networks, include:
- VoiceEdge,  to manage business voicemail "from virtually any phone, anywhere"
- Teleworker, to run office voice service through an employee's home office
- Softphone, to migrate business phone and video-calling service to a PC or MAC
- Video calling, "point-to-point HD-quality video calls" for Business VoiceEdge phones using Softphone, plus video camera service accessed by a single keystroke

The goal is "seamless voice and unified communications" tying headquarters to worker smartphones, Comcast Business vp-product management John Guillame said in a statement. Business VoiceEdge expands the group's earlier product offerings, including Business Voice and PRI Trunks (which works through existing PBX).