Philadelphia's tax amnesty

State of Pennsylvania's tax amnesty starts today and runs til June 18. Pay your late taxes, there'll be no penalties, and only half the usual interest. More at

Meanwhile: "The City of Philadelphia will waive all penalties and half the interest due on eligible delinquent tax bills. This will allow taxpayers the chance to clear up their debts and avoid further enforcement activities, including additional penalties and prosecution."  More here. Highlights:
"All taxes of the City of Philadelphia are eligible for tax amnesty," except sales, hospital and some hotel taxes. "The Sales Tax is eligible for amnesty through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania." City amnesty runs May 3 to June 25. Phone info: 877-645-4108, Mon-Thurs 8am-9pm, Fri 8-6, Sat 10-2.

The Weeb site ( went online last week. "On May 3 you will be able to log on and start the application process, but you can send a post-dated check right now, if you really want to," said Marisa Waxman, manager of the tax amnesty. There's even a a walk-in center, starting last week, at 1315 Walnut St., Suite 1300, 8 am - 5 pm weekdays. "But it's easier if you go online, or by phone.".