PECO plans solar-power finance

Exelon Corp.'s Peco Energy is asking the Public Utility Commission to approve its plan to buy 6 megawatts (NOT mWh) of "solar energy credits" from solar-electric power producers, as a way of complying with state law and stimulating regional production of sun-based power. Read the company's proposal here.

Under the law, the solar power wouldn't have to be produced in Peco's service area (southeastern Pennsylvania) or actually used by Peco, so long as the company's helping expand solar power production. "It can come from anywhere in the (13-state) PJM Interconnection service area," said Peco spokeswoman Cathy Engel. Peco has made a similar committment to finance wind energy as part of Gov. Rendell's mandate to reduce the state's reliance on coal, oil and gas.