PA self-serve wineshops to check buyers' sobriety

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, which controls most bottled liquor and wine sales in the state through state-owned stores, today started selling wine from self-service kiosks powered by James Lesser's Simple Brands LP, Conshohocken, at two Giant Food Store markets in the Harrisburg area.

No clerks; instead, shoppers will insert their drivers' licenses, which will check their age, and breathe into sobriety-testing machines to make sure they're not already potted. Drinkers (.02+ breath-alcohol content) won't be served.

Spokeswoman Kelly Leighton confirms this is for real. "If the pilot test proves successful, the PLCB plans to expand to 100 kiosks located in supermarkets in urban, suburban and rural communities across Pennsylvania. The list of stores is not yet final."