More Comcast Xfinity stores for Phila suburbs

Comcast Regional Senior Vice President LeAnn Talbot demonstrates how to use an Xfinity iPad app to Allison Goodman (10) at the opening ceremony of the new Xfinity store in the Oxford Valley Plaza in Langhorne Pa., on Thursday April 26, 2012. (Comcast Phot o/ Joseph Kaczmarek)

Comcast is preparing to open more Xfinity-brand stores to sell its home-security, Internet and phone services in the Philadelphia area, according to real estate sources. The chain will spend "top dollar" for well-trafficked suburban locations, including one at Centerton Square in Mount Laurel, according to a New Jersey property specialist, who is not personally involved in the deal and spoke on condition he not be named. 

Comcast opened its first local Xfinity-branded store in Langhorne almost two years ago and has since added more than 50 "Xfinity Experience Centers" in markets including the St. Paul Minnesota area and suburban Chicago. The Philadelphia-based cable-Internet-phone company has contracted CBRE Inc.'s Philadelphia office to find additional store sites. CBRE's Brandon Famous declined comment on terms or additional locations.

Besides offering Comcast services, the polished new locations have been replacing the familiar Plexiglas-boothed Comcast locations where customers return set-top boxes and pay bills. You can still do that at an Xfinity store, typically in the back, behind the displays of laptops, wall screens, iPads and NBC programs promoting new things you can pay Comcast to do.

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