Cheap no threat to costly Comcast: report's new $10 a month TV-on-your-computer service sounds lots cheaper than cable - but Hulu boss Jason Kilar has "no interest in upsetting the likes of Comcast by creating a real cable competitor," Dow-Jones' All Things Digital MediaMemo writer Peter Kafka says here.

Rather, Hulu is designed to bring ABC-CBS-NBC programs from its broadcast-company owners onto iPads and other handhelds as a prologue to Hulu co-owner Comcast's eventual plan to bring its own pay TV service online: "Hulu Plus is designed explicitly not to threaten the cable business. That’s why it doesn’t offer any news or sports, and why it only offers shows that air on three broadcast networks and almost nothing that runs on cable networks."

It even has ads, though a more expensive version may run ad-free.