How much will your business pay Philly in tax plan?

This Philadelphia business tax calculator shows what your business will pay if City Councilmembers Bill Green and Maria Quinones-Sanchez are successful in persuading Council and Mayor Nutter to change the Business Privilege Tax, from a tax mostly on profits, to a tax on sales.

Green says business, in total, won't pay more or less than under the current business taxes. But the tax on sales will fall more heavily on out-of-town businesses that sell goods and services in Philadelphia - and a lot less on neighborhood shops and other local stores. Small businesses will be exempt; manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and produce stores would also get breaks.

Council will likely hold hearings on the proposal and possible amendments in the days after Thanksgiving, Sophie Bryan, Green's chief of staff, tells me. Council staffer Chris Rupe and programmers associated with the Web site set up the calculator.