Thursday, December 18, 2014

Free stuff at Wawa ATMs

ATM maker Diebold celebrates its billionth Wawa withdrawal

Free stuff at Wawa ATMs

Updated: Diebold, the Ohio company that makes the automatic-teller machines used by PNC Bank and other giant lenders, says today it's "worked with PNC to design and produce more than 900 'golden' receipts for distribution via all ATMs across the Wawa network" of more than 900 ATMs at several hundred Wawa stores.

"The promotion awarded a golden ticket for every 24th transaction, which entitled the customer to free items in Wawa stores," Diebold says.

PNC spokesman Fred Solomon says that promotion ran last Spring (it was even advertised in the Inquirer, he told me, in that don't-you-read-your-paper? tone) as Diebold  completed its one billionth Wawa ATM withdrawal since the first one in 1998.

But there's still discounts...Using Diebold's Agilis software, "the ATMs are programmed to print coupons on ATM receipts that can be used for discounted store merchandise. At PNC's Wawa ATMs, customers may receive coupons for discounted meal items in Wawa stores. The coupons are distributed by time of day - a morning customer might receive a coupon for a discount on a breakfast sandwich, while afternoon customers receive coupons for lunch items."

The typical Wawa ATM gets 200-300 withdrawals a day. So what's the odds one helps pay for Shortis or coffee or gas? Probably better than the Willie Wonka golden tickets in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, though the payout's a lot more modest. 

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