For Mount Airy teen hacker, job offers pour in: dad

Mount Airy-based developer Ken Weinstein, partner in, says oldest son Ari, a 15-year-old Germantown Friends student currently attending computer camp on the West Coast,  "is getting job offers from Israel and all over the place," and will go on Fox TV Monday morning, thanks to his lead role in this Wall Street Journal cover story Monday.

Ari Weinstein writes code for, which helps iPhone users download unsanctioned software. He's been electronically precocious since he was a toddler fascinated with light switches, dad reports. Young Ari's maybe a little bored at his computer camp, but he's not going pro anytime soon, Ken adds. Ari's brothers are also little techies.

Weinstein Sr. moved to Philadelphia from Central Jersey to work for one of Joe Hoeffel's congressional campaigns in the 1980s, and has been busy in the neighborhood's retail resurgence.

He owns the Trolley Car Diner, helped organize Valley Green Bank, has with partner Bob Kaufman rehabbed a string of stores on Mount Airy's stretch of Germantown Ave. and similar strips for retail, office and nonprofit use, refurbished and leased Septa's Allens Lane Station, wants to do the same for the Carpenters Lane station, and is negotiating for, among other properties, four empty stores on Chew Ave. "I get to retire," he told me, "when all the vacant properties in Philadelphia are occupied."