UPDATE: FCC says Comcast Sports must share w/Verizon, DirecTV

UPDATE: "FCC closes loophole in cable program access rules," reports AP here.

EARLIER: The Federal Communications Commission this morning will review whether to change a rule that allows Comcast and other cable companies to withhold sports content (like Phillies, Flyers and Sixers games) that it controls, from Verizon, DirecTV and other competitors.

"The FCC is expected to side with" the satellite and phone companies against the cable companies, but cable could have a strong legal case for challenging the decision and keeping the rule in place, reported Bloomberg TV this morning.

Read the FCC agenda here, Verizon's letter urging the FCC "to prohibit cable operators and their affiliates from withholding access to regional sports programming" here, DirecTV's letter urging same here, and Comcast's longer letter defending the current arrangement and questioning whether it actually hurts competition here.