Dykstra: Why I'm not suing TheStreet.com

Ex-Phillie Lenny Dykstra writes in an email about his ouster from TheStreet.com and his future plans as an investment pitchman:

"You know, although I really don't like the way that things went down with TheStreet.Com and how they ditched me in the end, I still feel like the termination of the relationship is much more of a loss for them than me.

"At the end of the day, I just try to appreciate what I learned from the experience and the fact that I am indeed grateful to have had the opportunity. 
"Presently, rather than embroiling myself in another lawsuit (Lord knows I've got enough on my hands with the divorce proceedings. . . .), I figure I should instead just focus my energies on building up www.NailsInvestments.com to be the type of investment site in which I can truly take pride.
"I realize that it won't be an easy task to win people back, but money talks and all of those who took advantage of my strategy earned the dollars to prove that it works.  Can you believe that I'm 111 and 0 now?  (Even I am a bit amazed at that myself!)  
"By the way, I noticed that you are not yet a subscriber to our newsletter. When will you be joining us as a subscriber so you can take advantage of the 3 picks a week? Just go to www.NailsInvestments.com and sign up. We're working on making some significant improvements to the site and are committed to providing a top notch service to our members....
"I genuinely appreciate your interest and look forward to welcoming you to the team!

"My Sincere Best, 

Lenny K. Dykstra,
Nails Investments, LLC
Founder & Managing Member
Didja notice how he got his online address in there three times? He wants $995/year for a subscription. When I checked it out, his PayPal link was down "due to a problem with the seller's website." Not that I was ready to subscribe... I'm still waiting for Dykstra to show how he figures his investment record is "111 and 0."
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